Sunday, August 11, 2013

A 2 for 1 sale you won't want to miss!

After the April Fool's Day publication of The Speed of Dark, a collection of strangely different and disturbing horror stories, the summer gradually began to stagnate for us, Jimsecor and me. But then the earth began moving again. With a publication looming, I was invited into The Write Room Blog, a collective of writers who sequentially post blogs that show the impact of life on writing. We welcome comments, especially from the non-initiated. Dialogue develops. Jimsecor's first posting is not until later this fall.

However, shortly will come the publication of seven stories: Det. Lupée: The Impossible Cases. These are Jimsecor's tongue-in-cheek detective stories dealing with the unsolvable—or, more to the point, the impossible to prosecute—crimes. Crimes of society, as in Robbie Burns' man's inhumanity to man. Lupée is based in Liverpool, though I do not think he is a Scouse. His assistant is the extremely intelligent Sgt. Cassandra Dumqik—please call her D.

Det. Lupée: The Impossible Cases will be offered in a two-for-one with Clayton Bye's new edition of The Sorcerer's Key, the story of a dark sorcerer from Eden who battles Jack Lightfoot for a talisman that will give him unrestricted access to Earth and her technology.

Both covers are accomplished by Zentao.

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