Sunday, September 25, 2011

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road

Introducing Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road: These are the most dangerous rule-wreckers from We took away the rules and let them write whatever the hell they liked. Read the book to find out what we got. Pre-order Now

Editor: Sassy Brit created, a writers group found on Yahoo which says ‘anything goes’ when it comes to writing and promoting authors and books. Readers will enjoy the group, because here the authors promote their writings and give excerpts, not to mention contests in which members of the group can win copies of all the great offerings. Sassy is spearheading the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road project.

Editor: Clayton C. Bye is a business consultant and owner of Chase Enterprises. He has written many non-fiction books on business. One of his best books deals with how to start a business of your own and has the title BARE KNUCKLE MBA. He also offers training for various businesses, teaching them how to improve their operations and increase their profits. Under the imprint, Chase Enterprises Publishing, Clayton is producing and editing the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road project, an anthology filled with short stories written by several authors from

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