Sunday, June 21, 2009


Harper Collins has an experiment running on the net that I believe is a worthwhile endeavor for any author, independent or otherwise.

How it works: You register, then upload single chapters of your manuscript or self-published novel. A minimum of 10,000 words is required. You then compete with other authors each month to attain first 5 spots. These reads will then go to a Harper Collins review board for publication consideration. Your chances of reaching this pinnacle? Probably very small.

I've been at it for about six weeks with one novel and my current manuscript. I've been as low as 750 out of about 3,500 competitors. But what's great about the experience is the different books I get to read (usually the first two chapters) and the feedback I'm getting on my own manuscripts. The experience can only improve my own writing.

It takes up time to compete, even to participate, but I believe it's worth the effort. The website URL is

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