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Take Back Tomorrow by Richard Levesque

Take Back Tomorrow
Richard Levesque
Format: Kindle Edition
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Science Fiction/Time Travel

Eddie Royce is a wannabe science fiction writer who, by stealing the storyline of such greats as Shakespeare, is on the brink of making it. Then a bizarre visit from his favourite author, Chester Blackwood, gives him the power to live his stories rather than writing them. It's 1939, Asimov and Heinlein have barely begun their
careers, Hollywood is run by gangsters and Eddie Royce can now travel in time. He can actually steal stories before they've ever been written, rather than copying those of the past. He can become a player.

Except there's this girl and these bad guys and he's limited to just a few visits to the future (or the past). Does he help her or does he help himself?

Take Back Tomorrow is one of those stories that lifts you up and transports you to another place and time. It's science fiction the way it was written in the 1950's when that kind of writing was hitting mainstream. Yet the tale takes us back even further—to a time when the art form could be found in just a handful of pulp fiction magazines.

And let me tell you this guy Levesque can write. There is non-stop action, the plot is a beautiful thing to see, as is sweeps in and about the characters until it comes full circle and leaves us satisfied but melancholy. Satisfied because this is a very good read; melancholy because one knows he will not read another book like this. That age of science fiction is gone. Some say this is a good thing. I, who cut my teeth on space operas and the grand speculations of the 50's, say not.

I give this one 5 stars and a personal recommendation.

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