Friday, September 24, 2010

Turning Clicks Into Customers.

Let me share some honest, insider information with you...

About a year ago, I decided to sell books on the internet. Unique customer visits to my website will break the 100,000 mark this year. Of those 100,000 visitors, only 4,000 will go on to visit my secure, on-line store. And virtually no one is buying.

Up until this time, such things haven't bothered me: my main focus was to increase visibility on the internet (which I have done) and offer prospective customers a place they could visit to preview my products.

Today, when I looked at the numbers provided above, I decided something must change. If I were to compare internet buying to mail-out numbers, the industry tells me I should expect approximately the same results. Well, mail-outs generate 1-2% sales, on a consistent basis. I haven't sold a single book through my on-line store this year, and sales made as a result of visits to either website or online-store are definitely not in the 80-2,000 book range.

What's going on? Frankly, I have no idea. My prices are as good as you'll find in any store. My products are of excellent quality. I've accumulated some terrific reviews. Shipping & Handling are free in Canada and the US. I've even tried 2 for 1 sales: no luck. And, this is a big one, my books have traditionally sold well through channels other than the internet.

So, here's today's effort: Any book you buy from my Online Store now comes with a Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee.

Finally, if you have any ideas or insights to share, I would gladly look/listen.

Clayton Bye
September, 24, 2010

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