Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I wrote this little piece of "I don't know what" several years ago. With my recent illness(es), I've had reason to reflect upon its meaning and try to make some adjustments in my life.

"The realization that all our misery and all our joy is a choice we make in the moment could well be enough to tear a mind apart. For in this realization one also comes to understand the insanity of the masses: lack is a myth; paradise is at hand - one simply needs to open his or her eyes and will it to be seen."
- Clayton Bye

Let me elaborate...

I'm sitting here at my computer at 6:51 am. My entire body hurts so badly, Tylenol 3's aren't even touching the pain, and I have the mother of all headaches. I could be lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. Instead, I'm writing. The more I concentrate, the less I feel the pain. The more I try to do, the better I feel about my life. I realize that being physically and mentally challenged to the point where I can't hold down a regular job has actually allowed me to pursue my greatest joy (writing) in a manner unprecedented in my earlier years. It's not the paradise I dreamed about, yet it has been my goal in life.

The choices we make in the moment really do determine the very substance or fabric of our lives. We can choose misery or we can choose paradise. Our lives are what we make them; we are and we achieve and we become what we think about.

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