Monday, May 18, 2009

The secret to selling success

A fairly large group of my writing friends and acquaintances have been busy trying to come up with a new plan to overcome the sales resistance of bookstore owners and librarians to self-published work. I've been silent about these efforts until now. I knew it was just a lot of extra work to end up at the same place they could get all on their own, as individuals.

You see I know something. It's a secret that's been proven to work. It made me a salesperson of National quality. I've had quite a few selling mentors over the years, but no one has managed to put this secret of selling success more succinctly than Walter LeMar Talbot, one-time President of the Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company. He has been quoted as saying:

"Gentlemen, after all, this business of selling narrows down to one thing - just one thing... seeing the people! Show me any man of ordinary ability who will go out and earnestly tell his story to four or five people every day, and I will show you a man who just can't help making good!"

It's that simple.

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